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Fiction and Art Dedicated to OZ and the Supporting Cast of Gundam Wing.

The Other Guys and the OZ Freaks
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We know it's called "gw_ozzies", but this community is dedicated to the supporting cast of Gundam Wing, not just OZ. In other words, fanfiction and art posted into this community MUST NOT be focused on the five gundam pilots, ie: Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei. Anyone else, including people like Catherine and Sally (who are very much not OZ), are fine.

All pairings and possibilities are welcome, provided it's focused on the supporting cast and/or OZ--het, yaoi, yuri, gen, canon, bring em all! Although I will say that the yaoi will probably dominate as with everything in GW, so be open minded.

Confused? Don't be. Just think OZ and the supporting cast love. If you're still confused after reading the rules, click here, and we'll talk.


Every month, gw_ozzies announces a new character to celebrate. Click here for details.



1. NO major g-boy action! If you include HEERO, DUO, TROWA, QUATRE or WUFEI in your fanwork, they MUST NOT be the focus. OZ and/or a supporting cast member MUST be the center of the work. In other words, you can write a pairing like 13x5 (TreizexWufei), even from Wufei's POV, but Treize must be the focus. This is, after all, a community dedicated to OZ and the supporting cast.

2. Relena is a main character, but we have agreed to accept her simply because there is a huge shortage of decent Relena characterization out there, and we like a well-portrayed Relena. Who doesn't? You can post things about Relena and she can even be paired with one of the gundam pilots, but we only ask that she is the focus of the fic/art. If she is paired with Heero, we don't want to know about Heero. We want Relena. 'Kay?

3. Who is the supporting cast? These are the people you can write about: Zechs Merquise / Milliard Peacecraft, Relena Darlian/Peacecraft, Treize Khushrenada, Lucrezia Noin, Lady Une, Dorothy Catalonia, Sally Po, Catherine Bloom, Hirde Schbeiker, The Scientists, Howard, Rashid, Auda, Abdul, Ahmad, Mr. Winner, Iria Winner, Vice Foreign Minister Dorian/Darlian and Mrs. Dorian/Darlian, Field Marshal Noventa, Sylvia Noventa, Pargan, Nichol, Commander Bonaparte, Duke Dermail, Gwinter, Meizer, Alex and Mueller, Lieutenant Otto, Quinze, Commander Sadaul, Sedici, General Septem, Chief Engineer Tsubarov, Walker

This list is only for examples! It is not limited, anyone except for the five gundam pilots are acceptable as main characters in a fic/art. And if you need help figuring out who these people are, I suggest looking at this post, which has links to various reference sites. Or just watch the series again, if you're able.

Note Concerning OZ OCs: Because this is an OZ community as well, OCs are acceptable if they are a part of OZ, White Fang, the Alliance, the Federation or Romafeller. No sixth pilots, no long lost sisters, no you-know-whats. Okay?

4. No character bashing in a fic or in feedback. At all. No exceptions.

5. No Relena bashing. Yes, she gets her own rule. By Relena bashing, we mean portrayals of Heero-stalking, Duo-hating, pink-obsessed whiny witches. If you believe that Relena really is like this, then don't post a fic about Relena. It's that simple.

6. No pairing bashing in a fic or in feedback. Again, no exceptions.

7. No flames. Be nice or don't say anything at all.

8. Be polite and open-minded. This community was created to worship new ideas, so please treat the characters and your fellow fans with respect.


You can post old fics too! We want ALL OZ/Supporting Cast fics, because there just aren't enough of them. If you have an old fic that you have written, dust it off and post it! Chances are we have either never read it or would like to read it again. ^^;

It is encouraged that you use names instead of numbers in the pairings posted into this community. This is not a rule, but it is encouraged, because there are those of us in the fandom who do not understand what 1x2, 3x4, or 13x6 means. Names are good. Don't be afraid to use them.

ALSO please note--if you post multi-parts into this community, please provide a link back to where we can find the other chapters. This is so that new readers who come across your story can go back and read the rest in ease, without having to sift through a hundred posts. It gives us all less of a headache. :)

Example Post...

Title: Fanfic Title
Author: You
Pairing: If there are no pairings, name the main character involved; if it's about Zechs, simply put "Zechs," ect.
Rating: G, PG-13, R, or NC-17
Warnings: It should be obvious, but warnings are especially important for things like character death, NCS/rape, lemons/explicit sex, ect.

< lj-cut text="blah">

~your story~

< /lj-cut>

(don't forget to remove the spaces!)

Have fun! Art, icons, and info are okay as well, just as long as it's about OZ or the supporting cast! Lj-cut the art and icons, same idea. *loves*

If you have any questions, click here.


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